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Welcome to the home page of Birnbaum Associates, Business Strategy Consultants.

You'll find this website a valuable source of information and ideas on business strategy development and implementation. In the articles which follow, you’ll note a strong emphasis on strategic thinking. That’s because our 25 years of experience as strategy consultants have taught us that sound strategic thinking leads to sound strategic planning… never the other way around.

  Helping Your Management Team Think Strategically
     Knowledge, Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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  Assure Strategic Thinking in Your Strategic Planning
Key Success Factors – Those Activities Which Matter Most
  The Opportunity Grid – Which Strategy is Best for Your Organization?
  Developing Your Strategic Plan
Preparing for Your Strategy Sessions: 18 Proven Techniques
Mission, Vision, Values. What's the Difference?
Developing Your Mission Statement
Developing Your Strategic Objectives
Developing Your Vision Statement
  Eleven Tips to Make Your Strategic Plan a Success
  Common Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  Selecting Your Strategic Planning Team Members
  Developing Strategy more articles...
  Implementing Your Strategy
Strategy Implementation: Six Supporting Factors
Implementing Your Business Strategy
Your Action Plan: Converting Your Strategy to Action
Monitoring Implementation of Your Strategic Plan
  Key Economic Trends Affecting Business
  How Much Savings through Outsourcing?
  New Boom in Agriculture: Changing Diet in Emerging Nations
  India – An Emerging Global Competitor
  Key Economic Trends – more articles...
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